Thursday, October 14, 2021

If you are shocked by Katie Couric's revelation about the Ginsberg interview

You might be shocked to learn the Earth isn't flat.  Again, I'm not sure when we developed this idea that journalism is some objective source of information.  It's never been that. From the beginning of journalism, journalists were about their own perspectives and designs and agendas.  

Sure, by the 1980s, it was becoming more obvious that the media had axes to grind with certain views and beliefs and agendas.  But according to polls, many Americans still clung to the idea that the press was a reliable source of information.  By the 1990s, however, where the media lined up agenda and bias-wise was pretty clear. If Rush Limbaugh accomplished nothing else, he was able to display the press's increasingly naked partisanship on a national stage for all to see.

Now journalism is not even pretending. During the Trump years, almost every major news outlet could have printed the disclaimer 'Here to defeat Trump at all costs' under their headlines.  They didn't even hide it.  Nor do they report in most cases.  They openly advocate.  

For instance, I didn't see a single news story about BLM in 2020. I saw cheerleading and celebrating and praising and supporting.  I saw no major news outlet actually look to see what BLM was and if it was actually correct in its premises.  Now the press exists to walk that fine line of not letting Biden destroy too much of the country while making sure his disastrous presidency doesn't taint  the Left's reputation.  

But the idea that what Couric and company did with Ginsburg's interview - censoring Ginsburg's criticism of St. Kaepernick's NFL protests - is just business as usual for the press.  Always has been, always will be.  Please don't act like this is some freakish fluke that probably never happens normally.  It's time we are honest about reality, because lying about it has gotten us here.  And the last thing any sane or competent person should ever want is to be here, where we are today. 


  1. Journalists today that say "Black Lives Matter," are about as sincere as those that said "Remember the Main."

    1. Blacks lives matter under certain conditions and only when they benefit the agenda. When they don't do those things, like women or others, they don't matter in the least. That much should be clear.

  2. Replies
    1. I saw that. It was shocking that Gupta had no real retort about why he didn't call out CNN for such a false story. And a false story that took on a life of its own as I saw multiple media outlets report on this wave of people taking livestock meds instead of vaccines, with the corresponding social media pouncing by those on the Left.


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