Saturday, October 2, 2021

The National School Boards Association compares parents who challenge the Left to domestic terrorists

How 'bout that.  This nice little local news outlet catches the story.  

The point is the school boards say they're getting death threats and threats of violence.  That doesn't shock me.  In the Internet age, death threats and threats of violence are as common as stinky feet in a locker room.  Just like it's easy to insult people, call them names and falsely accuse them from the safety of your keyboard, so are death threats as easy as pie. Everyone gets them.

Heck, even I got one once, and it was the only commeter I ever blocked.  I deleted a couple comments once, but was always slow to block people.  It was unlikely a real threat, just an 'I can find where you live' type.  That was enough for me.  For me.  A schmuck who's a nobody and I still got a threat.  Imagine what people in the spotlight get. 

Not that death threats shouldn't be taken seriously.  They should.  But when we act like only one side or another does it, or don't consider school board trying to shove radical leftist agendas down our kids' throats while threatening any dissenters with being shut up or silenced, then we have an issue.

I have no idea if it's about Critical Race Theory, or mask mandates, or vaccine mandates, or any one of a thousand leftwing 'the genitals alone are god' programs being challenged.  It could be many.  I know it's not as easy as 'Evil White MAGA types', since a local news story covered protests of CRT at one of our nearby schools, and I'd say about 2/3 of the protesters on camera identified as black. 

Now teaching CRT in schools is teaching racism.  It's also teaching a very communist sounding anti-Americanism.  It's a purely leftwing biased spin on the need to burn the American experiment to the ground.  If we want to teach that, then teach other alternative templates for understanding our country. I'd be fine with that.  But when parents have objected, they've been listened to sometimes, sometimes silenced, sometimes even threatened with retaliation by the schools against them or their students

So while I am the first to say take threats seriously, I'm the last to say I want one of the most powerful education associations comparing people with serious and legitimate concerns to terrorists.  That screams to me they're doing something they don't want us to know about.  And for me, that's not terrorism.  That's tyranny. 


  1. In the words of a left-leaning gay guy I once knew, "you can get death threats over anything these days, a guy could like a pigeon and he'd probably get death threats over it."

    1. Yep. And they know this is true, so the press can always choose to emphasize threats or ignore based on convenience Like the word 'controversial' almost always means 'not liberal', so 'received death threats' almost always means person advocating liberal agenda did. Not because liberals never make death threats. But because you can bet the press will almost never cover it.

  2. This is why I do not believe any of the traditional media sources with which we grew up including any of the cable news network. Some are much worse than others but basically they all manipulate their headlines and/or language in order to accommodate their own narrative or agenda. Anyone who believes anything the media spouts without corroborating on other news sources or actual transcripts of things what were said by someone deserves to be deceived. We known the deceit that the media has employed for years now. There is no longer an excuse if you believe fake news and say "I didn't know it wasn't true." A little research, commonsense and reasoning goes a long way.

    1. You're right there. At this point, liars and cowards would insist the news media is a source of objective truth. Nobody could possibly think it is at this point.


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