Wednesday, October 27, 2021

The Internet Age in one simple quote

Yep, from a frequent guest of the ol'blog:

if you get a bunch of people who are pretty sure they're smart together where the real world can't intervene, shit's going to get dumb really fast

There's a reason I don't ban or block or delete unless it's someone absolutely representing the worst of online discourse.  Believe it or not, while I do appreciate being told I'm onto something or made a good point, I also appreciate those who call me out for being wrong or mistaken.  Or even 'what the hell are you talking about' since I can ramble at times.  

That comes from my pastor days.  One of my professors gave a piece of advice I never forgot.  If called into pastoral ministry, you'll be inclined to favor the people who are nice to you and like you.  Fear them.  Instead cherish those pesky trouble makers who will be in every church in the history of ever.  For they will keep you humble.  

And they did.  Sometimes they frustrated the snot out of me.  Sometimes I could see why a pastor would want to take a large wooden club or 14th century mace to a business meeting.  But in hindsight, while some could be so bad for the worst of reasons as to achieve nothing positive with their problems, it was those pesky trouble makers that kept ministry from becoming easy, and hence unimportant (as most easy things are in life).  

So that's why I ban and block very seldom.  It has to be bad for me to do so.  After all, I've seen what happens to those who ban and block anyone who disagrees with them and their little cabals, the madness, the evil, the denial and lies, and it makes me glad for those who tell me I'm wrong.  Well, as long as it's not too often. :) 


  1. I recently saw a bummer sticker that said "be nice to everyone, we're all idiots."


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