Friday, October 29, 2021

Understanding 21st Century Catholicism in two easy images

Potentially good Catholics:

Most likely really bad Catholics:

Learn it, repeat it, remember it.  This is what will or won't make you a good Catholic for the foreseeable future.  At least in the eyes of some. 

After all, we have it on the highest of authorities that this is the new standard for all Catholics who would live life enthusiastically, which is what God apparently really wants (bonus 3rd Image):

Babylon was a gold cup in the hand of the LORD, making the whole earth drunk.  The nations drank her wine; therefore the nations have gone mad.   Jeremiah 51.7


  1. So Biden tells us that the Pope told him he was a good Catholic and should continue to receive to Holy Communion. I don't believe a word of it despite that it could very well be something that the Pope would say. I'll wait a few days before making my decision to believe it or not. If it is true then the bar to salvation has truly been lowered. If Biden lied the Vatican needs to set the record straight and not let the faithful be scandalized. This is like living in prophesy unfolding before our very eyes lol.

    1. He could have lied, but I have a hard time believing he would say something so flagrant that a correction from the Vatican would leave him with more egg on his face. I fear what his report is comes close to the mark. In any event, since this story has lit up the international press and I've seen it everywhere, the Vatican has about 24 hours to correct it, or I'm assuming Biden was telling the truth, and we come on more step closer to a world where being Catholic doesn't really mean anything anymore. At least officially.

    2. It's probably a lie he told under the Assumption that the Vatican will keep its mouth shut in order to avoid being "divisive."

    3. I don't have any trouble believing that Biden would say anything put in front of him, or anything that just happens to pop into his head. Even before he started going senile he didn't really have good control over his tongue.

      There is the question of whether the Vatican will correct it, but I don't think they necessarily would even if it is a lie. The only real way to correct the story is to at least IMPLY that Biden should not show up to communion and there are too many in the hierarchy of the Church who think that even implying a politician should not show up for communion is too much "political meddling" (as opposed to, you know, outright endorsing the platform of leftist politicians.) Even if they care about lying (most in the Vatican don't, but Pope Francis might) it's not really a lie to not correct someone else's claim about you.

      Of course all that means is that Pope Francis might be too cowardly to stop someone else from using him for political gain, which isn't much better of situation.


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