Tuesday, October 26, 2021

The MSM bravely addresses Loudoun County, Virginia

 Yessir, right here:

Winery to be focal point for new Loudoun County, Va., development

Yep.  Because that's the big news coming out of Loudoun County, Virginia.  Or at least I assume, since that's the one MSM headline I found addressing the county.  Credit to WaPo, at least they did some story about Loudoun County.  I Googled the news for Loudoun County and got the usual conservative outlets, and some local and relational outlets.  

But from the national press?  From major news outlets?  Nope.  I tried Googling a couple different ways.  Perhaps I could be more exact with my wording, like typing in 'two teenage girls sexually assaulted in Loudoun County, Va., school bathroom cover up allegations' and it might get a result.

But I shouldn't have to try multiple times in a million different ways to get results.  Type in Ferguson a few years ago, or Floyd last year, and the search results lit up with a million news stories from the largest news agencies on the planet.  One word only needed. 

But the story that a school has covered up the rape of two teenage girls, possibly the result of its current transgender bathroom policies and even tried to shut down a concerned parent?  Why, I think what we need there is to focus on winery developments in the county.  After all, priorities people.  

Oh, and those stupid right wing outlets?  Look what they chose to focus on here:

Dozens of Loudoun County students stage walkout over sexual assault by boy in girls' bathroom

UPDATE: Apparently an email has surfaced calling into question the superintendent's claim that there was no knowledge of such assaults in the bathrooms.  Again, the reason this has been suppressed by the school board and is being ignored by the media is the same for any stat, fact or reality that calls into question a leftwing agenda.  Always remember, we have no news media.  There is a vast world of reality that is routinely ignored because it doesn't fit the narrative.  


  1. It might sound hokey to a bunch of people but I've come to rely more and more on discernment from God for determining what we are facing as a society and what is good or evil and truth and lies. I've left most of the media by the wayside.

    1. It doesn't sound hokey at all. It sounds like good advice. Both for what we should focus on and what we should ignore.


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