Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Donald Trump as savior of the world

In that, no matter what we do wrong in this life, we can always invoke the unprecedented evils of Trump as a deflection that taketh away the sins of the world.  

Case in point. Apparently President Biden's press secretary is being accused of violating ethics laws by speaking to Biden's support for Terry McAuliffe in the Virginia governor's race.  I can't see that being a problem, but CNBC says it is.  The Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington group says it is. 

But here's the point that got me.  The story then says this:

But the group, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, also said that Psaki’s alleged breach of the Hatch Act was nowhere near as egregious as the mountain of similar ethics complaints that piled up during former President Donald Trump’s administration.

Wait. What?  Who cares?  That's like saying Derek Chauvin may have killed George Floyd, but that's nothing compared to how many people Ted Bundy killed.  Or Charles Manson.  Or Jeffery Dahmer.  Or Hitler.  Or Mao.  Or, well, you get the point.  

The point is, who cares what Trump did?  This is the story now.  CNBC didn't need to add that since it adds nothing to the point of the story.  If the CREW said it, there was no point in saying it.  So what?  Are you that sorry for having to call out a democrat?  Did you think there was some surge of partisans insisting no individual had ever violated ethics before, and therefore you needed to point this out?  

Sorry, but that was a gratuitous swipe that says to me you - both CNBC and CREW - hate, and I mean hate, having to call out the Biden White House on anything.  So you did your job, and now feel the need to inject a gratuitous and pointless swipe to somehow mitigate the impact.  Which, to me, would have been mitigated without the swipe since I see it as a minor and trivial gripe to begin with.  

But now?  Now I don't.  Now because you've done this, it has my radar up and I'm wondering how trivial such an ethics breach actually is.  And is there more to the story?  And is that why the need to deflect my attention to Trump was so important?

That's what I think about.  Especially since I notice that Trump allowed the full evils and designs of the Left to explode upon the world since 2016.  And always, no matter how false, how evil, how destructive, how wrong, the Left ever and always invokes 'But Trump!' as the incantation that balances all things.  

So thanks CREW and CNBC.  Now I have every reason to be suspicious about this. I certainly doubt your objectivity and non-partisanship.  Had you just mentioned the case?  I wouldn't have cared.  Now I care, because I've seen what 'just focus on Orange Man! and pay no attention to anyone else' has gotten us. 


  1. CREW is a pseudo-nonpartisan organization whose business is political messaging. Same deal with Common Cause and the League of Women Voters. I suspect Common Cause and LWV were on the level at one time and that CREW has always been a fraud.

    We know they're a fraud that because the Hatch Act complaints during the Trump Administration were the issue of the permanent government (Office of Government Ethnics and Office of Special Counsel) and they were stupefyingly twee. The purpose of the Hatch Act was to protect civil servants by putting road blocks in the way of politicians hoping to put them to work as cogs in a political machine. Whining about the public statements of patronage appointees whose business is public relations demonstrates they are not serious.

    1. Once I read though it, I couldn't help but wonder if this was a case of 'see, we go after everyone.' Maybe not. But it was in my mind.


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