Friday, October 15, 2021

Could liberals stop comparing the January 6 protests to 9/11

Just saying.  There's a sudden spate of editorials screaming about people comparing Covid vaccine mandates to the Holocaust.  Now, in fairness, most I know are not saying it's the same as the Holocaust as much as this 'sit down, shut up, and obey the State or face punishment' is what leads to the Holocaust.  But point taken. Such comparisons can be a bit over the top. 

So could we stop hearing liberals compare anything and everything done by anything not-liberal to the worst evils in history?  Or to terrorism?  Or to genocide?  Could we stop hearing liberals say our nation is a 400 year old genocidal, racist Nazi state?  That our Constitution is a racist slave document?  That parents objecting to their children being indoctrinated in our schools and threatened with removal by the authorities are the same as terrorists?  That hundreds of protesters breaking into the Capital is as bad as the 9/11 attacks? 

Can the LGBTQ community stop saying they're living in a homophobic terror state even while my wife is told to glorify the gay rights agenda or face termination?  Where blacks insist they're living in the Holocaust redux despite the fact that a black student can try to mass murder his classmates and is let go to return home to a welcome home party, or wanted criminals are made millionaires because of their skin color?  Where women are increasingly overtaking men on almost every level and yet we act as if Saudi Arabia is a paradise for women compared to the brutal sexism of American Handmaid's Tale culture?  

Could liberals please stop doing that?  Then, and only then, I'll say conservatives should stop with the Holocaust comparisons.  They can still make a point that 'sit down, shut up and obey the State or else' can lead to things like loss of freedoms or worse if we're not careful.  But I'll be first in line to say dial back the rhetoric. 

If liberals won't stop, however, with their ages old 'be liberal or by Nazi' style discourse, then shut up and stop your hypocritical whining and try just once to have even the slightest inkling of consistency of principles and standards in your own discourse.  Just once. 

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