Thursday, October 14, 2021

Brown Sugar banned

Either they were liars or never had stones to begin with
It finally happened.  Took approximately 50 years, but it happened.  The song Brown Sugar, a staple for rock stations because of its rousing introduction - not to mention its suggestive and offensive lyrics (offensive lyrics were all the rage back then) - is being self-censored by the Rolling Stones, that paragon of slavish thralldom to the [Leftist] Machine.

I'm old enough to remember when the Stones, like all rock artists, were cutting edge non-conformity, rebellion against the establishment, and finger in the eye against social norms.   Now, like all who would maintain a life of celebrity and wealth, they are slaves to the whims of the Leftist State.  

When I was in 2nd Grade, our classroom had a record player.  Students were allowed to bring in their singles (singles only kids) of songs that could be played during indoor recess.  There were only two songs specifically named that we were not allowed to bring in: Bad, Bad Leroy Brown, and Brown Sugar.

Of course liberalism was all about putting an end to such puritanical intolerance and judgmental based censorship.  By the 1980s, my college professors were joining the Crusade of St. George Carlin to say the only way to enlightened civilization was the unchecked and unhindered complete freedom of all speech and expression.  As long as you said police person instead of policeman, and African American instead of black. And didn't say retarded or disabled.  Or American Indian.  Or any derogatory term for homosexuality.

But other than those and a few hundred others, it was Brown Sugar and cussing and all manner of blasphemous and vulgar expressions in the name of complete freedom and liberty and enlightenment. Whew.  Thank goodness that's over.  And we have such bold and courageous crusaders for freedom as the infinitely talented Rolling Stones to thank for it. 


  1. So Mack the Knife was OK? And Timothy by The Buoys? (Of course, it is a well-known fact that Timothy was a duck.)

    1. I wouldn't spend too much time looking for consistency nowadays.

    2. I think anonymous was referring to your 2nd grade gym class, not anything current

    3. Ah. Got it. They weren't the only records not allowed, they were the only two named by name. I'm sure there were a few others we could have brought in that wouldn't be allowed. I just remember the teacher specifically mentioning those two.


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