Wednesday, October 6, 2021

CNN continues to hate it some America

And encourages blacks especially to join with the America hate.  That's the heavy communist influence behind the Left coming through.  The only good thing about CNN is that so few bother watching it./ 

I've mentioned several times how, back when I was part of an ecumenical organization as an Evangelical minister, I gave a talk on that strange phenomenon of demographic self-hate.  Why it was that among liberals, hating your own demographic and forebears seemed as American as apple pie and baseball to conservatives. 

I also mentioned it was equally strange that, with the exception of the LGBTQ movement, the most 'anti'-rhetoric you had came from those in the same demographic being hated.  That is, the most anti-male rhetoric wasn't from most feminists, it was from liberal men.  Or the most anti-white race hate wasn't from non-whites, it was from white liberals.  And on and on.

I can say it's time to revise that, as a growing number of black Americans have been bitten by the 'white-hate' bug.  They despise this country and everything in it.  They have no problem speaking  of whites the way Nazis spoke of Jews, or the KKK speaks of blacks for that matter.  Openly saying they hate whites, don't care if whites die, or other warm and fuzzy rhetoric is becoming more the rule than the exception. 

This is fine for the Left of course. Its desire is the destruction of the Western Democracies and the values and principles of the Christian religion.  That's the Left's end goal and it's well on its way to achieving it.  Part of what made this possible was the neurotic self loathing that came to define Western liberalism, particularly among whites and men.  But now you are seeing people demonstrate an age old fact of humans: Sin is universal.  If you give people the chance to take the low road to Hell, they'll take it.

Seeing the ease and joy with which a growing number of non-whites are embracing the white hate and America hate with rhetoric in the manner of Goebbels or Hess, it's harder and harder to believe one of the Left' most stupid lies: that only whites in Europe and America were ever able to be racist.  That's a level of stupid falsehood that makes Flat Earthers seem wise by comparison.  But it's also accepted dogma, and hence the growing number of non-whites ready and willing to take it to the next logical step. 

At some point - and boy I know this may put some people off, and trust me I don't consider myself a racist - we're going to have to be honest that people are people.  And whether Jew, Black, Muslim, Asian, or Native American, if you give them the encouragement to do wrong and evil, they'll do it. 

Continuing to hang our heads or shuffle our feet or do a Rodney Dangerfield collar tug when people from various groups make it clear the extermination of whites, Christians, America and Western culture is their end goal will show itself more like cowardliness than humble virtue.  We might actually have to take a stand.  After all, if we're not on the side of the Left and all its manifold evils, we're already racists and sexists and bigots anyway.  What will we have to lose? 


  1. Hating your neighbor has always been and will always be the path of least resistance. You know it's wrong but it's easier than loving your neighbor.

    1. Much of the modern way is encouraging people down the low road away from Christian virtue. Forgiveness, love your neighbor, humility? Nope. Just the opposite in fact.

  2. Are you willing to look for what is good in Protestantism, despite the objective heresy?
    Are you willing to look for what is good in Judaism -- and no red herrings allowed here, I am talking about post-Temple Judaism -- despite its explicit rejection of Christ?

    If you are willing to do EITHER, to say nothing of BOTH, you should be willing to extend the same courtesy to communism. If you are more offended by the rejection of Adam Smith than by the rejection of Christ, you are not actually a worshiper of Christ.

    Like many others, you seem to operate under the assumption that not only is everything communism bad, but everything bad is communist. Somehow Brezhnev, sexy man that he was, seduced your generation and all that followed. All bad ideas and evil impulses in America come from Karl Marx by way of Lenin and Stalin; Americans are too pure and wholesome to have come up with these things themselves.

    That's not how the real world works. Oh, you could argue that the Freemasons inspired the American Revolution, which inspired the French Revolution, which inspired Marxism, which inspired the Bolshevik Revolution -- but then you would notice that American Freemasons inspired communism, not the other way around. But the fact is that none of us need much inspiration to come up with bad ideas. Gnosticism does not so much survive as it is reinvented over and over again, because it is an appealing error that suggests itself to many different minds. The same is true of reincarnation. This is even the explanation of why "bigfoot" is reported from all around the world -- a monster that is intermediate between man and beast is an obvious idea.

    I don't think you would have much sympathy with the idea that America's decline is due to a Jewish conspiracy, in spite of the fact that Marx was Jewish. If you are a Christian, you must consider part of modern Judaism not merely mistaken, but objectively blasphemous -- but you need not from that conclude that all Jews are evil, or nothing good has been produced by Jews, or that all evils are the result of Judaism. You probably make the same distinction with the cultures of ancient Greece and Rome. Try to be more consistent.

    1. I am fine with looking at the good of things, assuming the good is not overwhelmed by the bad. Communism has a 100% failure rate in some of the most spectacularly murderous and terrorizing failures in history. Every time it's been tried - every. single. time. - it has resulted in oppression, squalor, poverty, misery, and as often as not, the slaughter of people by the millions in a mere handful of years.

      Sure, slavery, conquest, killing, corruption are all facts of the world in which we live. America alone has its own role to play in this sad part of the human story. But the benefits of America - freedom, prosperity, charity, repentance, a zeal to improve and strive for a more perfect union - balances out the bad that is sadly a common fact around the world. Same with Protestantism, which brought many positives despite the errors.

      But not communism. Almost nothing positive came from communism in practice, and what little positive can be found can be found in other approaches to the human condition without the constant suffering, oppression and slaughter.


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