Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Congress shall make no law

Liberals and Democrats approve this practice
Blocking the veneration of pagan religions by brutally crushing the right to practice the Christian religion thereof.  I'm no Constitutional Lawyer, but that's the First Amendment if I'm remembering correctly.  Or at least the First Amendment as currently understood. 

Not that we should care.  Per a CBS report from all the way back in 2018, well over 40% of Americans think it's time to ditch the old Constitution anyway.  That fits with a recent survey that found 48% now support the government stepping in and working with Tech Barons to censor free speech misinformation. And since we know only conservatives haven't read the Constitution, you can bet those surveyed have done their homework.  

I guess that's why a school would ask its students to chant to the glorious gods of the Aztecs.  The same reason we've seen stories about schools taking their kids to hear the Dalai Lama, or teach the kiddos the Five Pillars of Islam.  Or do Yoga.  Or basically any darn religious/spiritual/cultic lesson or exercise as long as it's not that vile Christianity thing that is the only religion the First Amendment apparently spoke to. 

As an aside, this story about the school puts me in mind of my son's cultural anthropology class that I've mentioned a few times.  You know, the one where the class broke out into a thoughtful debate about the human sacrifice of the Aztecs.  You know, where they concluded apart from the silly religion gibberish, the need to cull the human herds in light of Global Warming demands we could do worse than looking to the Aztecs and other cases of human sacrifice for inspiration. 

Thus is our world. We're being taught to be the Nazis redux, with a peppering of Communism for taste and effect.  Race hate?  Sure, as long as you hate the right race.  Erasing history?  You bet, as long as it's the history of those unforgivable reprobates from the West.  Judging others?  Sure, just judge the right sinners for the right sins. Banning books and censoring speech?  Alrighty then, just make sure it's the really bad stuff.  Ethnic discrimination?  That works, as long as you are doing it to the right ethnic groups.  Presumption of innocence, equality, burden of proof, redemption, forgiveness?  The Leftist cares not for these things.

But the Leftist controls the institutions of our culture, so the Leftist gets its overthrow of life, liberty and democracy.  Truly we are the worst generation. 

Fun bonus: Snopes "fact checks" this story and gives it a mostly false.  Why?  Because apparently the school has the students chant based on the meaning of the gods' names, rather than the gods.  You see, because the students are chanting in the name of the Aztec concepts that the gods represent rather than the gods, it's OK.  Fact checkers; the Snake Oil Saleswomen of the modern age.  Since apparently the name of a god meaning something must mean you're not speaking about that god?  Again, to be the Left is to be filled with pride, slander, BS, and denial. 

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