Saturday, October 9, 2021

Boston celebrates torture, slavery and infanticide

More and more liberals approve this practice
Yep.  Boston has officially replaced Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples Day.  Now, the logic is that we cannot celebrate anyone who sinned the unforgivable sins, no matter their accomplishments.  That's because apparently there is no way to celebrate a person unless you celebrate everything they did.  You just can't set things apart and say I celebrate this person despite those unforgivable sins over there.  You either condemn or celebrate. 

Therefore, since Boston is celebrating the broad 'Indigenous Peoples Day', it stands to reason it doesn't think things like torture, human sacrifice, matricide, infanticide, patricide, slavery, and wars of tribal conquest are necessarily bad. In fact, apparently they're praiseworthy, since to celebrate Columbus is to celebrate all of his sins. So stands the logic behind eradicating his memory from our history must happen because we can no longer tolerate the unforgiven able sins. 

On the other hand, in a nation where our womenfolk have successfully aborted over 65 million of their pregnancies in a few decades to sustain our modern sex and drugs culture during the AIDS pandemic as suicides, violent crimes and drug overdoses claim our children in unprecedented numbers, it's not hard to see those things aren't especially bad for post-modern values.  Nor is it difficult to see a growing number of Americans warming up to the old practices that were driven out by the rascally West. 

So in a way, it makes perfect sense.  There was a time we felt the pagan peoples of the New World benefited from the civilization of science, democracy, and Christian virtues, if not the Gospel itself.  Today we reject all of those, seeing nothing positive at all brought to these shores from Europe. And yes, that includes science. We no longer cheer the indigenous peoples despite such practices as human sacrifice, slavery and infanticide.  No.  With each passing day, it becomes clear that American liberals and Democrats celebrate the indigenous peoples precisely because they engaged in such practices.  

And the American Catholic Church apparently approves this message.  A prophetic song apparently, as the descendants of pagan Americans effectively paganize America along with all the glories of a pagan society:


  1. Personally, I think Columbus day and Indigenous people day are both pretty dumb. Columbus day is about celebrating Columbus. Indigenous Peoples day is about bashing Columbus.
    In other words, one is focused on the good, the other focused on the bad.
    From now on, I'm calling this holiday First Contact Day.
    I think that's a nice middle ground. On First Contact Day, we can talk about everything, the good, the bad the ugly, the comical, everything. (I know Columbus wasn't actually the first contact, but, the Vikings didn't do much, so Columbus still counts).

    1. Even then, i fear the concession simply goes for those who would eradicate the West. We've spent many years 'meeting halfway' only to find halfway was a thousand halfways ago. The reason why we're eradicating Columbus is because he is one of many signposts to the Christian Western heritage of Western Democracies. That is what has to go. My sons have convinced me that the goal is nothing other than the destruction of the Western Democratic traditions and all the rights, freedoms and life that goes with it. To conceded any ground is just one more step in the defeat.

    2. I wasn't talking about meeting half way. I was thinking it was objectively a good idea. It's what I would do in an ideal world. The Communists make things more complicated. I guess in this case Columbus is kind of like Trump. In an ideal world we wouldn't have to defend him, but in our current situation he's an ally against the commies.

    3. Objectively, yeah. Yours would work in a world where various sides are trying to fine common ground for the greater good. That's not what's happening. Indians, like blacks, are being encouraged to despise our country and its past and blame their current neighbors for their problems (not the ones who have been running the systems for the last few decades). So any attempt to find a compromise solution - especially a good attempt - will at best be smacked down. At worst, it will be accepted for a time and then used as a launching point to tear down more of what the Left wishes to tear down, and that's all of the West.


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