Friday, October 22, 2021

The right way and the wrong way for Christians to approach race

 The wrong way:

The whole 'black Jesus cares about skin color' is hardly unique to Fr. Martin.  It's actually not fair to pick on this, since many Christian leaders appear to embrace the idea that white Christianity is bad Christianity, versus black Christianity or other non-white Christianity that will always be the good kind.

It's wrong.  In fact, it's awfully 'protestant' in its 'white Babylonian captivity' mentality.  And it's racist to merely take the racist attitudes Christians may have had in the past regarding non-whites and apply them to whites today.

Compared to that, there's this:

Note the comments if you go to the Youtube channel.  Multiple people, including self-proclaimed atheists (take it for what it's worth, it's the internet) are stunned and appreciate the candor and honesty of his point in the sermon. 

I won't quibble about how black or not Jesus was.  The point is to cut through the 'he's my Jesus, no he's mine' mentality today and remind us that Jesus belongs to the world - including to blacks as well as whites, who God saw fit to move the Church through in its many centuries of growth in the world.  

The Church is at its best when it proclaims truth to the world.  When it changes the truth in order to get along with the world, it seldom makes an impact.  

For generations the Church has been following the world around like a yap dog waiting for the master to toss a few scraps from the table.  I think it's time the Church get back in the driver's seat and not care what the world thinks of us, but simply proclaim Truth.  I think we'd be surprised at the results. 


  1. "How welcoming will that make Jesus feel?"

    Um.... do these people know that in the Bible, Jesus was killed by his own people? Whatever color He was, it was the same color as those shouting "Crucify him!"

    I do remember recently listening to a video - can't remember if it was Tim Pool or Babylon Bee - where the guest was saying and explaining that CRT had been infiltrating evangelical circles for awhile now. Behold the fruits.

    1. Yes, I've been shocked at the speed with which Evangelical churches have literally collapsed, not just in CRT/anti-Americanism, but #MeToo anti-male sexism, even softening toward LGBTQ activism and the modern, secular liberal Climate Change and post-nationalism, with requisite post-dogma ecumenism. I think they were flirting with dumbing down the faith for some years, and now that dumbed down faith is breaking apart. House on rocks after all.

  2. Also I think this is the video you meant to link. The one you linked above has exactly 3 comments. That link here has many more. And it's exhausting to see all those that are like "i've never heard this from a christian" and I'm like... then where you been listening? I hear it regular!


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