Thursday, October 7, 2021

For the record I do not approve

The George Floyd memorial statue in New York has been vandalized again.  

For the record, I don't think there should be a memorial to Floyd.  I've pointed out before that they've moved the bar quite a distance since it was about police killing unarmed, innocent black Americans.  Now you can be a black American in the process of trying to kill the police, wanted for sexual assault or other felonies or even trying to kill a citizen and still be lauded, praised and even turned into a millionaire.  Hence the spike in crime over the last year. 

This is where the BLM mentality has gotten us.  A mentality only made possible by the news media developing its ability to be entirely false without ever lying.  Blacks killed by police? Sure.  Americans across the board are killed by police in a given year.  But just ignore all the others, and make any case involving a black American into round the clock headline news, and it's a false narrative without being entirely false. 

Despite all this, someone decided to put up a statue to Floyd in the modern genuflecting before group identity and group guilt and anti-Americanism.  Because of that, have a discussion, a debate, or something if you don't like it.  Don't tear it down, vandalize it, or in any way try to destroy it.  That's wrong.  That's the stuff of barbarians and savages to be honest.  It was always presented as such when I was growing up, even when it was colonists tearing down a statue of King George. I've seen nothing over the last few years to suggest that appraisal was wrong. 

So no, I don't approve of this at all.  


  1. Fighting stupid with stupid dosen't work. It just makes your foes stronger

    1. Yep. If it's wrong, it's wrong. I'm fine with that. We fall into a pit of our own making when we call something wrong when done to us, but fine when we do it to others. I'd say much of modern progressive thought relies on doing that. Avoiding doing that is the best strategy.


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