Friday, October 8, 2021

Are we finished blind trusting scholars and experts and scientists yet?

As I said here, never forget that the majority of German experts, scientists, doctors, teachers, preachers, intellectuals, artists, filmmakers and delivery truck drivers remained in Germany and did the Nazi government's bidding. Never forget that as you look at this article at The Atlantic. 

It turns out that, by its own words, "many psychologists wrongly assumed coercive attitudes exist only among conservatives'.  Meanwhile, many wrongly believed that people who turn copper pennies into copper wires are only known to be Jewish.  Also, many wrongly believed that women are thought to be intellectually inferior to men.  By the by, it's also known that many wrongly believed that all blacks like watermelon and fried chicken. 

These are, quoth The Atlantic, the "many" psychologists.  Those who are part of the thriving multibillion dollar a year mental health industry.  That industry in which we put all of our modern hopes and dreams to fix all of humanity's problems.  The same industry that has convinced us no behavior is anything but a mental issue, rather than a case of character, morals, values, behavioral choices.  

Except, apparently, coercive attitudes, which many believe are capable of being embraced only among conservatives - however conservatives happen to be defined.  

Again, most 'psychologists' in Germany were all about the Master Race attitudes toward the German peoples, the Jews, the Gypsies, and everyone the German government with the big paychecks wanted.  I'm sure the liberal dominance of our society's big institutions of wealth, power and parties with T&A have nothing to do with those psychologists concluding this about conservatives, or deciding it would take an impressive amount of scholarship to suggest otherwise.  

Trust in God.  Trust in Christ.  Trust in the Gospel.  Even if the Church isn't pointing us that way right now, that is who we better trust in, because if you're trusting in anyone or anything else, you deserve whatever 'many psychologists' will likely say about you. 


  1. I will still fight that "fried chicken & watermelon" is anything racist - it really should be southern culture. I mean I love both and associate them in my memories with a lot of happy family gatherings.

    It turns out that, by its own words, "many psychologists wrongly assumed coercive attitudes exist only among conservatives'.

    That is exactly my theory of projection. Namely that given sin is tempting, it is tempting to associate a sin with an irrelevant feature. To use a non-political example, I might say "Only jugglers lie." I then use in my self-examination that since I can't juggle anything, I can't be a liar. And if anyone accuses me of lying, I reply with a demonstration of my lack of juggling ability.

    I use a deliberately absurd example to help instruct. Behold your link. Like they said, they assume "authoritarian" must only be right-wing. Therefore any accusation or possible realization about them possibly being authoritarian is dismissed that they're not right-wing. At least some are finally starting to get it.

    1. I taught a freshman seminar course a few years ago. When I asked what the lesson of WW2 was, I was astonished that all the students agreed it was that if you let the right gain power, monstrous things might happen to you. NONE of them responded that if you don't watch yourself, you might do monstrous things to other people.

    2. Sure, that's where the whole 'hate crime' was going to go, or so said its critics. If you're convinced only whites can be racists, then anything done by a non-white or a non-white against a white can be anything, but it can't be a hate crime. Which is just what we're seeing. Our nation is - and come to realize has been - controlled by the Left for some time. So the ease with which anything not in line with the Left is now attacked and condemned is quite telling, but logical.

  2. Everyone in the South likes watermelon and fried chicken. It's literally less racially specific than liking pepperoni on pizza. I'm as white as the queen of England, but I have a groceries delivery scheduled for today that includes both watermelon and frozen fried chicken strips. (Hey, I'm a single guy; I make concessions to convenience.)

    1. I've always wondered about that stereotype, since I know many from the south who say the same thing. But stereotype it was, and you mentioned chicken or watermelon in connection to anything to do with blacks at your own risk. And that's been the case since I was in college.


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