Friday, October 1, 2021

This is either the most brilliant argument ever

Or stupid.  But then, she's an academic type, so it can't be stupid. 

Goodness knows I can't figure out what she's saying.  Is this an argument?  Angry feminists, but Jews and Jew feminists, so ... what?  I might just be slow on the draw, but I can't figure it out.  Does that mean she shouldn't be upset with conservatives or vaccine skeptics because some are Jews? Or by using the word 'Jews' it should stop all debate?  I have not clue one what she is getting at.  I get a feeling it was as well thought out as a fortune cookie. 

Of course she follows up with this:

Which, I guess, means saying something like 'many Jews have been angry feminists, and that often their anger has been deeply thought out, valid, and justified'?  I dunno.  Again, I get the feeling she's in the middle of a conversation with an invisible party who must be saying things nobody can see.  Because the parts I'm seeing make no sense, or at least make no point that I can tell.  

This is why I've concluded listening to Ms. Weiss about anything would be like going to Ringo Starr for harp lessons.  A waste of time.  Another reason I'll be going back to my self-imposed Twitter ban, because people post things like this and others think it's brilliant. Or at least act like it's brilliant when the agenda suits them.  Which then leads to this:

Chillingly evil.  Teaching your kids to fear for their lives because of those 'not me' types over there - in the name of Catholicism of course.  It reminds me of Debbie Wasserman Schultz bragging how she scared the shite out of her kids by telling them Conservatives wanted to tunnel under their house and kill everyone.  Parents should warn their kids about the evils of the world.  They should also be wary about warning them who the evils are.  But purposefully scaring the bejesus out of your kids in order to teach them to hate and fear your ideological opponents means you learned little from the last century. 

There's enough of that in the world.  I don't need to see people celebrated for their Catholicism doing the same.  And sadly, you'll find it nowhere else more often than you will on Twitter. So, back to the ban. 


  1. Every once in a while, I wonder whether I've judged people like her to harshly. Then something like this happens, and I just sit back and enjoy the unintentional comedy

    1. It's almost funny, until you realize she echoes the dominant narratives in our culture today. Whether that's why she echoes them or not, I don't know. But the worst thing about her writings - and they are at times chillingly bad - they're among the better things you hear coming out of many of our institutions.

    2. She has this weird obsession with her Jewish background.
      If I had a dollar for every time she used a bad Jewish metaphor as an argument for something, I'd have at least two dollars, which doesn't sound like much but,
      A. It's weird that it could happen twice.
      B. It's probably happened more and I'm just not aware of it.

    3. The problem with invoking 'any criticism because Jewish' is that it so seldom happens when liberals attack someone like Jonah Goldberg. At that point, it's all valid arguments based on substance. But let someone criticize her, or George Soros, or anyone on the Left, and suddenly the issue of Jewish identity flies like crows.

    4. A quibble. Young Lucy Goldberg has one Jewish grandparent, her paternal grandfather. It is true he and his brother attended a school run by some Reform outfit, whose administrator found Lucianne Goldberg quite...astringent.

  2. I believe Fulton Sheen referred to such people as "intelligentsia." Or, "those who are educated beyond their intellectual means." We seem to have a fair amount of such people running around currently, thinking their thoughts are more important than they actually are and wanting to prove themselves as part of the "enlightened" class.
    To be fair though, education is necessary and important because, as Chesterton said, "Without education, we are in a horrible and deadly danger of taking educated people seriously."

    1. Yep. All we have to say when we're told to listen to the experts is that these are the ones convinced that gender doesn't exist, but who we are attracted to is more biological than skin color. At some point soon, there will not be an excuse for people who continue to side with this.

  3. Replies
    1. Rebecca Bratton Weiss. She is considered one of the founders of the 'New Prolife Movement'. She was a prof at Steubenville until she was chased out over her leftwing views. She used to blog at Patheos Radical, and I mean radical, feminist, and allied to the Left embracing much of the worst from leftwing rhetoric. I used to find her discourse to be among the worst of the Internet. From what i can tell, she's not improved any. It goes without saying that for the longest time she was quite the hero and martyr among leftwing Catholics.


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