Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Thank goodness Christians aren't the majority in Iraq

Otherwise things could be even worse than this.  Like Tavis Smiley said, Christians are more violent than Muslims, going around murdering people, gunning people down, blowing them up every day.  So the fact that concrete walls have to be built around churches in Iraq because of the rash of killings and violence against Christians by Muslims just shows, according to Smileyland, how bad it would be if Christians were in charge.


  1. What a wonderfully mixed up world we live in!
    of course Muslim Extremists are going to be a problem - isn't that what they are taught to be? Isn't that what they have to be if they want to please he who's name I shall not speak!

  2. What Smiley said was beyond stupid. Sadly, it represents a common opinion among liberals, that no matter how bad things are in the world, it isn't that bad unless they are done by Americans or Christians.


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