Thursday, December 9, 2010

Just Singing In The Rain

So last night we were up late waiting for our young'un to get to sleep.  Singing in the Rain was on TCM.  We kicked back and watched it until there was silence coming out of his bedroom. Then we had to get to bed.  I didn't get to see the number, so I looked it up on YouTube.  After all, what's watching Singing in the Rain without seeing the dance routine, probably one of the best in movie history.

What makes it wonderful is the joyful simplicity of it.  In the day, multiple entertainers would perform and release the same song.  So Frank Sinatra, Judy Garland - you name it - had performed their own versions of Singing in the Rain.  Each one wanted to put their own unique mark on the song.  But it was Gene Kelly who realized what better way to perform a song titled Singing in the Rain, than by singing it in the rain?  Brilliant. I'm not necessarily a connoisseur of dancing, but I admit I envy his easy grace and style.  Enjoy:


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