Thursday, December 30, 2010

Chris Brown has homophobic rant?

OK, I admit that I vaguely know who Chris Brown is.  I know even less about anyone who goes by the moniker Raz-B.  What caught my eye was the headline: Chris Brown launches into homophobic Twitter feud with Raz-B.

That word 'Homophobic' is what caught my eye.  The easy, casual way in which it was used.  I wonder does anyone know or think about what the term means?   Homophobic.  I know what it is supposed to mean - anyone who doesn't embrace the gay rights movement and the dogmatic liberal definition of morality regarding the issue of homosexuality.  But the way it is used.  Phobia means, basically, an irrational fear of something.  For instance, I'm claustrophobic.  That's why I don't fly.  Not because I'm scared of heights, or flying.  I just can't stand being locked into an airplane.  To me, it's the same as being locked into a submarine.  You're in, you're locked in, that's it.  When we went to Disneyworld some years ago with my wife's family, and they talked me into going on the 20000 Leaggues Under the Sea ride, I almost flipped.  It was almost ankles, knees, and elbows getting out of that thing.

I know it's irrational.  I just can't seem to do anything about it.  Now many fears can be fears, and can become irrational, even if they are rational to begin with.  For instance, my second oldest son was attacked once by a cat we used to own.  Clawed him up and bit his leg up.  He still has the scars.  He is, understandably, shy about getting near cats to this day.  While some of that could be labeled phobic, it's obviously not without warrant.  And while it could become a phobia, there is obviously some logic behind its source.  Likewise other fears, like a fear of tornadoes, are not illogical at all.

For me, if I was 'afraid' of homosexuals, it wouldn't necessarily be an irrational fear.  The fact that homosexuals still rate high on such lists as HIV, AIDS, mental and emotional problems, disproportionally high rates of infections due to the unique nature of homosexual sexual behavior, and a continued difficulty with drug abuse within the gay community, all suggest that if there was a 'fear' of homosexuality, it wouldn't necessarily be phobic.  It might become that.  It could move into the realm of irrational.  But there is, to my thinking, at least some argument to substantiate a hestitancy toward that particular behavior.  Especially if I'm the father of four boys.

Beyond that, of course, is the fact that some may simply disagree with the premises that allow for accepting homosexual behavior as normative for human nature.  'Fear' may have nothing to do with it.  I can say I don't like anchovies on my pizza.  Not because I am anchophobic.  But because I don't like anchovies.  I can say I am not a Socialist.  Not because I am socialismaphobic, but because I've looked and concluded that Socialism may not be all that and a bag of chips. Some of the reasons to reject the premises upon which accepting homoexuality rests may be religious.  Perhaps philosophical.  Or, dare I say, a feeling that hestitancy toward that behavior could actually be the result of a certain level of common sense.

I realize our modern enforcers of Goodthink have dictated that this word now means anything that fails to conform to the groupthink celebration of all post-Christian sexual norms.  Nonetheless, I find it interesting how an age that prides itself on being infinitely superior to any previous eras and generations, and so absolutely enlightened, doesn't seem to care about little things like facts, truth, stats, or any other inconveniences. It doesn't give a rip over something like what a word really means. It doesn't care that there could be nuanced degrees of belief or acceptance or rejection of something.  Somewhere I missed that being enlightened means smart enough to know when to ignore truth and reality. 

In the end, it's the pompous, self-righteous arrogance and intellectually vacant laziness that goes behind the easily tossed about term 'homophobic' that is one of those things giving me the gut feeling that many really don't believe their case is all that good.  They know, somewhere deep down, that things may not be all Queer as Folk as they would like.  But rather than concede such a horrible notion, they instead use a rather misused and abused word with virtually no substance in order to intimidate, scare, and threaten anyone who dares to challenge the authority of their post-modern dogmas. 

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  1. Let me say one of the best posts I've read on the subject. I am tired of the media inventing words in order to cut off dialogue about topics it knows are without foundation in the natural world or the world of common sense. The word homophobe is nothing but code for shutting down debate and intimidating an already spineless audience into conforming to the latest cultural demands. I especially appreciate your point that even if there is fear of the homosexual life, it doesn't necessitate an irrational fear. Too many opponents of homosexuality attempt to dismiss any notion of fear in their arguments. They appeal to logic, or nature, or religion. You come out and say you are afraid, and here is why. A behavior with as many problems as alcoholism or drug abuse. Great post. Keep up the good work.



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