Wednesday, December 15, 2010

What blogging will be like over Christmastide and the remainder of Advent

As should be clear to my merry horde of regulars by now, blogging is starting to wind down for the year.  One big reason is the need to advance my career, and hopefully come the first of the year I will get news that a position I very much pray for will come my way.  Prayers for that would be appreciated.  Also, some big family decisions relative to my father's failing health and my mother as caregiver could also use some prayers.

In the meantime, the really big part of keeping our kids happy and carefree while we pray and fret and pray some more must be maintained.  So as time creeps ever closer to the joyous celebration of the birth of our Lord, less and less time will be there fore other important things, like blogging. 

We will spend time making merry, decorating trees, watching specials, cooking dinners (maybe a Medieval Feast this year focusing on a Christmas goose!), and generally being lazy and lounging and enjoying all that God has blessed us with.  For though times have been tough for us, I'm aware of the fact that many others have been hit harder, and we have much to thank God for.  No matter what happens come the first of the year, God has been good to us, and there are many in the world who would settle for a scrap of what I too often complain about.

In addition, we will try to have oodles of hours wiled away in such frivolous pursuits as keeping up with exercising, mastering Wii games meant to make us look stupid, and teaching our boys the gracious art of loosing, of which I am master.  Being board game fans, we will have plenty to do as the temperatures drop in accordance with Global Warming Climate Change, and will expect to see plenty of scenes like this:

No, it's not me and the boys laying in ambush and attacking a convoy of some left over German assault troops, it's the closest thing to a hobby my tight schedule will allow me, the always wonderful intro to wargamming club that anyone who has ever wondered about the hobby can easily master: 

Check out the link to Flames of War along the sidebar.  It's both hobby and fun game, so fun even my ever increasingly cool wife has jumped on board with it (and dutifully beat the stuffing out of our boys at least once so far).

There will be other games, school performances, parties, seeing lights, visiting the ol'symbol of Wall Street while spending more time focused on the real St. Nicholas, and generally enjoying the fact that for Catholics, you never need say, come 7:30 PM, Dec. 25, that it's all over for another year.  Nope.  For Catholics, it's only the beginning.

So I'll be around, just not much.  In case we miss each other, check by when you can, I'll do the same, and have a Happy Advent and wonderful and blessed Christmas season. 


  1. Sounds like a blast!
    Enjoy the Fam!!!!

  2. Happy Advent and Merry Christmas! Sounds like there is plenty of fun lined up. I pray the position works out.



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