Tuesday, December 14, 2010

US Navy upsets Iran

Now, someone please tell me why we are supposed to care. I mean really, is it down to this?  Apparently, the US Navy uses the term "Arabian Gulf", rather than the "Persian Gulf".  Why? I don't know.  But this has, according to The Lookout, caused a certain level of anger in some Iranian circles.  What I find amusing in the story is how it recounts other times the Arab world has snapped and we've blinked.  The Arab world.  We're not talking about Muslim Americans.  We're talking about the Arab world.  Where religious minorities are still persecuted, where Christians are still being executed, murdered, imprisoned, and given death sentences.  Where Westerners still travel in fear of their safety. Were tens of millions of Muslims support terrorism and the unchecked slaughter of Western Infidels.  Where thousands of hotheads from across the spectrum are emerging who seek to kill as many Americans as possible.   Yeah, that Arab world.  And it snaps its fingers, and we jump.  Anyone out there still thinking the West isn't plummeting like an anvil in a Road Runner cartoon?

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