Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Meanwhile some love for Christians over at the HuffingtonPost

So I go over there to answer Sinead O'Conner's stupid response to the Pope's Christmas smack down on the abuse scandal, and decide to see if there are any articles about the persecution of Christians in Iraq.  To my pleasant surprise, the left leaning Huffpost actually had an article.  So I decided to get my blood pressure up by reading the comments.  They didn't disappoint.  Most were, as could be expected, blaming the mess on Bush's Iraq invasion.  In a very superficial sense, there is some truth to that.  But like all things, it is far more complex than 'gee if only we hadn't invaded everything would be peachy.'  Nonetheless, most went along that line.  But there were some chilling comments, as often happens on the partisan blogs.  The worst I bothered to read was this:

Xmas is about consumeris­m at it's worse, and if this attack got some Christians to act christian, it's kinda of nice to hear about that.
It referred to the massacre of Christians a few weeks ago.  The commenter actually lamented the fact that the editors had edited down his initial post.  If they took something off but left that, it boggles my mind to think what it could have been.  But that's the love and respect you get from extremes on any side - including the Left side of life.  The sooner those on the Left admit that it isn't just the Right that holds a monopoly on extremism, the better off they'll be.  Thankfully another commenter chastised the above statement. 

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