Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Because America is the worst

Turns out some in Russia might be pining for the old days of Soviet standards of civil rights.  Nothing really new here for anyone with half a brain and a five minute a day slot for following current events.  The thing that interests me?  Look at the comments.  How many immediately take this and say 'Yeah, but look how bad the US sucks!  We're the bad guys!'

My favorite comment:

Imitation IS the sincerest form of flattery. The Russians flatter us.
Sorry about the previous typo.
WTH?  Could someone tell me what ethnic groups are being rounded up?  Congressman Peter King suggests a congressional panel look at the problem of Islamic terrorism in America and the MSM and pop culture has ripped him a new one.  That's after how many Americans killed on and since 9/11 by Islamic terrorists?  Again, there is an entire swath of our country that has gone well beyond the healthy 'confession is good for the soul' approach to national reflection, and gone straight to neurotic psychologically disturbed paranoia and guilt.  And just like a person, a country suffering from such flaws will not fair well in the end.

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