Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Had to make big changes to that Narnia plot

Perhaps I'm cynical, but whenever I hear something like this before a movie comes out, it makes me itch.  It sounds like the director is saying 'you'll see lots of computer graphics and neat action sceness, but don't expect anything from the actual book.'  I realize film is a different medium than literature.  I know movies have to make changes.  But they better make good changes, not ones that take away from the finished product.  They had better use the medium to its best advantage, like the final assassination of the heads of the Five Families in the Godfather, versus cockamamie subplots about cranky overprotected immortal fathers in Lord of the Rings.  What director Michael Apted means by changes we'll have to see. For most Christians, the diluted messages of the first two films was a bit of a disappointment, though not so much as to be unwatchable.  Will the changes be for the better?  Don't know. We'll have to see.  But it's already put one red flag up, and I haven't even paid $20.00 for the popcorn yet.


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