Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Ted Turner is everything you expected the post-Christian left to become

And more.  It isn't as if China's human rights abuses in the name of family planning haven't been documented.  With a human rights record that makes Nazi Germany seem tame in terms of sheer numbers, Mao era China has wracked up more deaths than Hitler ever dreamed.  This, of course, in addition to the countless millions of forced abortions throughout the decades.  On top of this, China continues to make America's worst period of human rights violations seem almost like a Pollyanna dream.  And what does Ted Turner, founder of the International Ministry of Propaganda for the Advancement of Secular Liberalism CNN do?  Praises them. 

Yep, praises China for its enforced one child policy and, in keeping with the post-modern Left's desire to just ditch freedom and get on with enforcing Leftist ideologies by way of legal compulsion, calls upon the global community to adopt China's Malthusian policies as its own.   

Of course the crux of this is Global Warming.  Call me an ignorant hick, but my skepticism meter about MMGW is getting pretty darn full.  Not because I doubt the climate is changing, or that the scientific inventions of the early Industrial Age have harmed our environment.  I have no problem believing those things.  But it's the use and abuse of the crisis that bothers me. It's that it is based on two things that are vogue today in the scientific community that gives me pause:  the "We're all going to die!!!!! Now give us money to save the planet" principle, and the "there's just too many other people in this old world" philosophy that sounds eerily like the same contempt for those other people that defined so much of European thinking from the end of the 18th through the beginning of the 20th centuries. 

But apparently not one to let a little thing like learning from history cloud his thinking, Mr. Turner pushes on with a new round of 'quality of life' arguments for ridding the world of pesky other folks. People like Ted Turner are object lessons for a couple reasons.  First, they demonstrate that we repeat history not because we have to, but because we want to, and believe this time we'll do it right.
He also reminds us that, despite our attempts to portray the terrors of the past as the natural outcome of a religiously ignorant and intolerant society where hordes of uneducated yokels assaulted the fortresses of tolerance and enlightenment, it's often just the opposite.  All of those little things we read about and learn about were, as often as not, put forth by the elites, the intellectuals, the rulers, the principalities and powers of a given age.  The Europe that gave birth to a century of world wars, genocides, and killings on an unprecedented scale was not a hotbed of religious fanaticism and traditionalist zealotry.  It was the hub of cutting edge post-Christian, post-religious secular philosophies, science worship, and political ideology.  These ideals behind Communist thinking, most secular thinking, and apparently Ted Turner's thinking as well, were the bedrock upon which the events that progressives have used to pummel the Christian West were built.  What will be the result of their implementation next time around?  See the article.  Nuff said.

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