Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Priorities in the Gay Generation

Meanwhile, though Christians my be persecuted around the world, while we might be fighting a losing war, while thousands die and millions starve, while genocides and pandemics lay waste to millions of lives, while our country continues to teeter on the verge of economic down spin and indebtedness to some of these very nations who are perpetrating things like persecution of Christians, while unemployment continues to hover close to 10%, while our government almost shut down, almost failed to ratify a nuclear arms reduction treaty, and the ongoing problem with immigration and justice remains unsolved - Gay Rights advocates score yet another victory.  I have a feeling that, centuries from now, the epitaph of our civilization will be 'they gave it all for gay sex.' 

There's something about a society that, while so many things are unraveling, spends so much time helping a demographic group - that study after study suggests is one of the highest income demographic groups* in our society - get what they want at all costs, potentially harmful consequences be damned.  But it makes sense.  After all, homosexuality must be completely tolerated and allowed, for without the approval of homosexuality, how can we ever reach the Holy Grail of sexual fantasies: The socially sanctioned polyamorous encounter?

The Gay Generation.  Putting sexual desire and personal desire above anything and everything.  It's a good thing our president and congress share these worthy values.  They truly are a representative government.  Though I have a feeling in years to come we'll wish they weren't.

*It's worth noting that many gay rights activists challenge the oft repeated studies suggesting that gays enjoy a proportionally higher standard of living.  And yet, there have been just as many I've heard in debates that use this to show gays can be highly productive and should not be turned away for any logical reason.  So there you go.

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