Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Meanwhile, Canada moves from post-Christian to anti-Christian

The movement - liberalism we'll call it - that is helping the likes of Elton John circumnavigate the pesky natural order in order to prove that homosexuality is natural, is becoming increasingly impatient with its desire to eradicate Christianity from the social forum.  A bizarre mixed up movement to be sure, but there is a method to its madness.  Alas, it won't be this generation, or even the next, the realized the full fury of its designs.  May God help them.


  1. For Einstein the Word God was Devoid of the Divine.

    Most mortals believe in a "personal God", in heaven and souls, in idols and all kinds of sacred follies - - - and they also believe that Einstein believed in God.

    Not only Einstein's personal God had been dead all along. In fact God was never even alive according to Einstein.

    For the facts google the blasphemous blogs: "Thank god for infidels" and “Holy heretics”

    Einstein the Atheist,

  2. Welcome Holyheretic. Gotta love that name. Fun irony. As my blog is new, I'm always glad to see folks drop by. I'm not sure where the Einstein references came from on this comment, but I'm game. FWIW, I was a former agnostic, so I was always partial to Einstein. That made me sensitive toward the nuances between various levels of belief and unbelief. There were different types of agnostic, just as there are different levels and types of atheist (hence a survey a year ago, Pew Research I think, that found some 25% atheists admit to praying). Einstein, like many European thinkers in the early century, moved away from notions of a personal god. Einstein, like others, moved even farther, pretty much rejecting any notion of any god we could ever know. With that said, Einstein also rejected an absolute materialist basis for atheism. For Einstein, the idea that there was nothing but cosmos, cosmos, and cosmos seemed just as strange. A very hard lined agnostic, but not an atheist. This well done Time Magazine piece on Einstein from a couple years ago did a great job summarizing his beliefs and thoughts about religion, God, intelligent being, and so forth:,9171,1607298,00.html


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