Sunday, December 19, 2010

Lt. Dan Choi's take on the repeal of Don't Ask/Don't tell

In his own words, bravely written for the hostile audience at the Huffington Post.  Lt. Dan has been one of the most visible advocates for this, as one could imagine.  He was one of 13,000 or so troops discharged over the years since the law was passed.  He is understandably elated at this latest bold step toward an enlightened nation that is the post-Christian United States.

But take a look at how he explains John McCain's warnings that doing this in the middle of a war could lead to problems, something other military leaders have suggested:
"I denounce the fear-mongering of John McCain and others who do our
country a grave disservice by their bigotry and calcified retardation.
His outlandish remarks that justice will result in amputations
demonstrates the ridiculousness of his entire argument. His silliness
proves the fight for justice has no real logical debate; you are on
one side or the other. John McCain, you are on the wrong side of
history. Your feet wade in the toxic septic waste of rabid
hate-mongers who perpetuate America's injustice. It is your argument
that has been amputated today; your claims have no legs to stand."
Ya get that?  Bigotry and calcified retardation?  Toxic septic waste of rabid hate-mongers who perpetuate America's injustice?  Yeah, that's right, this is from the movement born of an age that was all about live and let live, embrace diversity, respect differing opinions no matter how offensive (and if you were offended by diverse opinions, most often you were the problem). 

You get the feeling that there are other agendas for which gay rights is merely a tool, an instrument?  Something has to be there.  For the language that would have been used to denounce a person who supported homosexuality or embraced homosexuality 60 years ago could not have been as inflammatory as that.  Which goes to show you, there is no liberal and conservative, there is, as Lt. Dan said, only two sides: and if you don't fully support the gay rights movement, you are on the wrong side.  For Lt. Dan is 100% sure that he is 100% right and his truth is the only Truth (TM) that demands conformity and obedience and legal support (and if you run with Anderson Cooper, you'll realize it also demands appropriate punishment for those who fail to conform or keep quiet).  Thus is the farce of the promises and ideals of the early gay rights movement.  Those who said it was a farce and a lie then were right.  And the rhetoric and designs of the modern gay rights movement show why.


  1. Scary isn't it. The hate and venom that flowed through that speech was just beyond the mark. Again we will watch and see what happens next, but reality will show what the agendas really are.

  2. This ties into your post on saying Merry Christmas. It's difficult not to see the growing tendency for liberals to push for censorship in advancing their agendas. I wonder how this will play out for those in the military who do not accept homosexuality as normative.

  3. Yes, this stands in stark contrast to the tolerance and respect I was told we should demonstrate by my left leaning professors.


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