Tuesday, December 21, 2010

War on Christmas Korea style

So South Korea has a Christmas tree lit up along the DMZ.  And this is a provocative act.  Why is it a provocative act?  Because North Korea is founded upon the idea that religion is bad and evil and societies - like North Korea - that embrace atheism will be where all the brights go to live out their Utopian dreams:
"North Korea, officially atheist and with only a handful of sanctioned churches in Pyongyang with services for foreigners, warned that lighting the tree would constitute a "dangerous, rash act" with the potential to trigger a war."
Just like they have in China and just like they did in the USSR.  The sad thing?  Despite such obvious contradictions to the 'imagine no religion' mantra of the progressive movement, many still believe ridding ourselves of that pesky religious stuff is a key to peace and joy to all. 

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