Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A final tribute to the Pearl Harbor veterans

Those who are still with us, those who have gone before, and those who never saw the beginning of the war that claimed them.


  1. God bless our veterans and God bless our troops! I don't care whether the policymakers have been imprudent about the war, which for the most part isn't even an issue with WWII anyway (I mean, once the Axis was bombing their way across the world, there's justification, regardless of what led up to it and regardless of what abuses happen during the war, to stop them by force). The fact is that when a soldier who isn't commiting any flagrant immorality himself (and I've no reason to believe the bulk of our soldiers historically have) puts his (or her) life on the line for his people, that's heroism. So God bless 'em, God grant their leaders wisdom and prudence, and God give us all that grace to give ourselves up for others as these heroes have.

    As for the world, if they can't figure out when those nuances and caveats are _not_ standing in the way of real heroism and give space to honor that heroism, then I guess some folk need their lives saved in more senses than one. Challenging for us, but, like Henry V, I wouldn't wish it an ounce easier.

    St. George, St. Crispian and St. Michael, pray for us!

  2. Well put Shakespeare's Cobbler.


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