Thursday, December 30, 2010

Grant McCune has died

Grant McCune puts some finishing touches on R2-D2, 1977
A name that is probably not known in most households, Mr. McCune is one of those responsible for reshaping how we look at movies.  He, and a team of professionals, helped bring George Lucas' visions for a space fantasy film called Star Wars to life in 1977.  Like most kids at that time, I was absolutely in awe.  From the minute that first Star Destroyer sailed out of the top of the screen toward the fleeing rebel ship, I instinctively knew that movies would never be the same again.  And Grant McCune, though he would not have meant a thing to me then, helped make it happen.  So for all the enjoyment from that film alone, much less the many others, thanks for the memories.  And Rest in Peace.

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