Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A serious story about how the holidays can kill us

So naturally we are warned, as we have been every day for a month, to resist overindulging, to watch our waistlines, to eat sparingly, drink moderately (to those that would apply to), live moderately.  Basically, go into the holidays with discipline, order, control, and the ever present worry that one more bite just may be your last.

Wouldn't it be cool if our experts spent as much time telling us to stop with the sexual promiscuity since that can kill you, too?  Just a little bit?  I mean, mention that there is some stuff you can do to decrease the chances of getting an incurable disease or dying, but the best bet is living a life of chastity until you find that single person with whom you wish to spend your life.  Especially over the holiday season when light hearted merriment may lead to more than you expect.

But no.  We just keep hearing about how everything else - football, video games, TV, food, drink, clothes, cars, cell phones, and any one of a billion other things - can and will kill us, so our only hope is to sit in the corner and nibble at our half empty plates.  Or indulge in endless orgiastic sexual encounters, which you never hear any of our 'experts' complain about.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: When I hear our medical and health experts devote as much time to harnessing in the disastrous sexual revolution, then I'll be more likely to pay attention to all the panic and concern over everything else they warn us about.

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  1. True true true. No focus on what else can kill you. None of the talk about how bad things can really get going down that path, but just remember when you are drinking the eggnog that it is full of fat and calories.


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