Friday, December 10, 2010

Trashing Christian monuments in England

It shouldn't be surprising that a country whose celebrities and icons spend so much time trashing Christianity would produce this little act.  It's nothing on one hand.  A tree venerated for centuries by Christians.  That sort of symbolic pilgrim stuff that our modern elites and super smart types typically snort at in derision.  But why chop it down?  Why destroy it?  Maybe it wasn't done just because it was Christian.  But at best, it was done despite it being a Christian monument.  And that's disturbing enough.  Certainly it's no surprise, England being what it's become.

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  1. That just shows the lack of respect that this world has for the world of Christian traditions. We should pray that this tree can recover and it will be able to be used to decorate the table of the Queen next year again. It may not have really grown from the original thorne tree but each time people would have laid an offering or visited it they I am sure would have remember the crucifiction non the less and that is worth while for it to grow back.


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