Saturday, December 18, 2010

The military now can don its gay apparel!

The Senate, illustrating the meaning of life in the Gay Generation, has repealed Don't Ask/Don't Tell.  For the record, I always knew it was a ludicrous and superficial law, the same type that marked so much of Bill Clinton's legacy: Photo Op with no substance.  But today, it illustrates the power and influence that the Gay Rights movement has on a dying and decaying civilization. 

Like Europe, that is quickly descending down the sewer of history, America is following suite.  While immigration reform lags, an economy sputters, and nuclear treaties flounder, our good senators demonstrate that in the Gay Generation, only issues that exist below the waste-line are worth considering.

And like our reluctance to throw everything into combating AIDS in the 80s lest we offend the gay community, this time the decision was made despite serious concerns by military commanders that this could create problems, even death, even defeat for our military, and hence our country.  But as we've made clear, as year after year we continue to promote homosexuality and all other forms of post-Christian sexuality despite such inconvenient phenomena as the AIDS pandemic, which to date has killed more people than Hitler or Stalin, homosexual rights comes first.  A little thing like dead soldiers or defeated nations is small potatoes next to a culture that promises unfettered libido satisfaction to all.

And like Europe, where sex and drugs are free but increasingly every other liberty or freedom is being challenged, especially the freedom of that pesky old religion stuff, America is plowing its own row to a land where in sex all is liberty, in everything else oppression. 

Yes, Homosexuality is the defining topic of our age, because it defines us.  It shows where our priorities are, it shows what our values are, where our priorities are, and it aptly gives a brief glimpse into the future of our ending.  For we don't have the excuse of Europe.  We see now where its values - or lack thereof - have gotten it.  But instead of learning, we would rather live in a society where we can glean the benefits of a sexually saturated culture, sure that any ill effects will no doubt affect everyone else, and leave us to our own orgasmic satisfaction.  Well done congress, you're everything we've come to expect from a government that represents us.

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