Sunday, December 19, 2010

Ronald McDonald is under arrest!

Not really, but in yet another volley by a mentally vacant culture, the impressive sounding Center for Science and the Public Interest has said that a culture that worships science has no room for freedom of choice (unless, of course, that choice is to abort babies).  Therefore, McDonalds is being sued for not obeying its demands to stop aiming food for children at children. A society where parents are smart enough to guide their children to healthy eating habits can't exist in such an enlightened and sophisticated time, so lawsuits are called for.  Anyone get the irony of a generation that sees itself so intellectually superior to any others that have come before and yet is gobsmacked by the notion that a fast food chain will promote its products to every member of the market?  Of course, the Center for Science and the Public Interest can now move on to music and television and films that aim sex, drugs, and other destructive behaviors like a laser beam at our young'uns.  I'm sure that's on their docket.  For now, I get the feeling this, like so much of the 'oh no, we're all fat!' crisis we're hearing about is really designed to keep our eyes off the disastrous record of our liberal sexual permissive generation. After all, when your promised value system leads to the death and suffering of tens of millions of human beings, ya gotta do something to keep the eyes off the ball.

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