Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Is homosexual skin thinner than condoms?

In another reminder that all speech is free unless gay groups say otherwise, some International Gay Rights groups are condemning the statements of FIFA president Sepp Blatter.  After choosing to have the World Cup in Qatar despite some pretty dismal human rights records, Blatter suggested homosexuals refrain from sex while visiting the games.  Homosexuality is, after all, punishable by death.  For some reason homosexuals have gotten on him like white on rice.  I'm not sure why.  You'd think they would be pissed off at Qatar and saying how horrible it is that such a warning must be given.  But apparently they thought they detected a slight sense of humor behind his statements, and where there is homosexuality, there is no humor.  Like so much of progressivism, unless it has to do with bodily functions or trashing religion, nothing is to be laughed at again. In addition, there are few things beyond one celled organisms with so thin of skin as the modern homosexual. So apologies are being demanded, and no doubt will be received. 

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  1. I don't think it's just homosexuals. It seems like we have no humor anymore. Humor is for attacking people we don't agree with. And since most of our media is held by liberals, that means anything that is funny at the expense of conservative values and beliefs is okay. But turn it around and use the same humor at some liberal belief, and you have this. Humor as a tool of oppression.


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