Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Haley Barbour offends our button down conformist society

Yes, it's true.  All those silly dreams and all of that mindless word drool from the 60s was just that, mindless.  It was a lie.  A farce.  A scam.  Fact is, every society has values, narratives, absolute moral standards by which all are judged and to which all must conform.  It has its heroes, villains, and narratives. And these are passed on with a zeal that no southern Alabama fundamentalist KJV only preacher could ever match.  It becomes the fabric of a nation, the foundational story of a civilization.  It is the Truth, the Way, the Dogma.  There are no laws, no signs warning you, no real outward admitting of the existence of such an intolerant society.  But it's there. And if you don't toe the line, if you don't walk as you are told and talk as you are told, you'll get it in the throat. 

The standards and morals and values and beliefs and narratives and heroes and villains may change.  But the demand for absolute conformity and group think never does.  Just ask Haley Barbour, whose political future is now in question because he failed to sing in harmony with the socially sanctioned melody of our conformist ideals.  21st Century America has its gods to be worshiped, its dogmas to be obeyed, its sacred memories to be cherished, and its values to be conformed to.  Don't even think about being some radical whose own life history doesn't reflect the officially sanctioned tale of greatness and evil, or you'll be tossed in the fire where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.  And the ones doing the tossing? Oh, they're the ones who used to go on about questioning authority, challenging the status quo, rebelling against norms and values, and rejecting moral standards and accepted narratives.  The difference is, now they have the power.

How a minority, reaching majority, seizing authority, hates a minority.


  1. Whatever I said about your last post doesn't apply here. Great post! I especially loved your use of the tired old cliches of liberalism. Using them to point out the hypocrisy of those who say they want tolerance and diveristy while punishing people who dare to think differently.

  2. In all fairness RL, you'll notice there isn't much talk from the Left anymore about tolerance and diversity. You'll hear it sometimes in schools. But otherwise, the whole notion of tolerating anyone who doesn't conform to liberal valuues is a thing of the past. Thanks for the input by the way.


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