Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Salve Regina

The Feast of the Immaculate Conception.  Perhaps the most purely Catholic Holy day of the year, for it has no equals throughout the rest of Christendom. 


  1. Hail Mary full of Grace
    The Lord is with Thee
    Blessed art though among women
    And Blessed is the fruit of thy womb Jesus

    Holy Mary Mother of God
    Pray for us sinners
    Now and at the hour of our death

  2. If I could make an observation, and please take this as it is meant. Your blog says Dave Griffey's Catholic musings. To be honest, I don't see much Catholic in your musings. Even this post. It's almost an afterthought. I notice the time. As if you needed to mention it since you hadn't. On other Catholic blogs, entire pages were devoted to the Immaculate Conception. You spent more time on the anniversary of John Lennon's death. I won't speculate what that means. But I do think you might want to change your title. Maybe Dave Griffey's thoughts, or Dave Griffey's eclectic thoughts, since you do appear to have a wide range of interests and topics you enjoy writing about.

    I can see you are a believer, and you care about how your faith is treated in our world, and how it is covered by the media. But far more attention is given to subjects that have little to nothing to do with Catholic life, teaching, or practice. I enjoy your blog. Your writing has improved since I've been reading, you have a rapier like wit when it comes to jabbing at the hypocrisy in many of our modern institutions. I just think a title more appropriate to the overall breadth of subjects you wish to cover.

  3. It would appear that in the order of things that Dave placed blogs that he had other priorities for the entire day. Notice the post below this one. Also the time of it.
    Being a later convert myself from a Baptist to Catholic I also know that commenting on Mary's immaculate conception may be harder to do. To accept it as a day we must celebrate is one thing but to move into the rhelm of commenting on it is another.
    Baptist don't do much with Mary. She is the mother of Jesus and that is about all the kudos she is given.
    I for one feel that to say she had to be born without sin for her to be able to be the mother of God dimishes her role as an example.
    I always felt that Mary was chosen because she herself had chosen to live a life worthy of God. Not because God had planned it in the first place.

    I also think Dave may have been looking for readers to start a dialog about the subject as well. I dont' know just a feeling.

  4. I think you can add your name if the program doesn't take an account. I'd be interested in knowing to look for you - one former Baptist to another.


    I'll get back with you on that. I've mentioned this isn't a 'Catholic Blog' per se, that it's a blog by a Catholic. I'll expound on that, but it's a place for me to sort things out and get used to writing things down. More or less forcing my hand you might say.

    I appreciate all your comments, and value your input. But I leave the 'Catholic musings' in because I am Catholic, and I want folks to know that, even if I don't label myself an apologist, my musings are, when applicable, informed by the fact I'm Catholic. That way they know where I'm comming from and I don't have to remind them each time a matter of Faith or belief comes up.

  5. 1) I like that Daffey Thoughts isn't just another generic Catholic blog, following the usual stories with the usual Catholic perspective. I don't mean that such blogs are wrong, I just mean I already have four or five of them in my back pocket, and have come to appreciate Catholic Musings on various focuses instead of only or even mainly Musings on Catholicism. It's the positioning of Catholic as a modifier of musings with other stuff as the object of the musings instead of Catholic in both places that makes this blog stand out. You might say, A Catholic's Thoughts on the World, as opposed to Thoughts On Catholicism; the actual subtitle seems closer to the former, so I'd say it's accurate enough.

    2) Immaculate Mary... OO'RAH! (Couldn't figure out how to translate that from manspeak to plain English, but I guess it's clear enough?)


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