Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Because conservatives are automatically idiots?

And liberals are not?  For that matter, anyone working to help a liberal administration is given the benefit of the doubt.  As in here, where James Clapper, Director of US Intelligence, didn't know about the well publicized arrest of twelve men plotting terrorist attacks in London.  It's been reported in most MSM outlets, but with the caveat that he was not briefed yet (over something I knew from watching the news), and besides was very, very busy. 

Fair enough.  I'm not one to jump all over someone for a simple gaff.  Sure it's a gaff.  The guy's in charge our our intelligence and didn't know what I knew from just watching the freaking news!  But he's human, humans make mistakes, and I'm sure it doesn't reflect on his capabilities or intelligence.  And that seems to be how the MSM wants to cover it, as this article shows.  It more or less lets Clapper's spokesperson speak to the incident. 

Now, let's go back a couple years to the 2008 presidential campaign.  Sarah Palin is being interviewed.  Charlie Gibson of ABC is interviewing her.  He asks her about her ideas regarding the "Bush Doctrine".  Palin asks for clarification - and ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE!  From that point on, not from the infamous Katie Couric interview, from that point on she was a bimbo, a dolt, an airhead, a moron and on and on and on.  And it's never gone back. 

So why is it the MSM isn't pouncing on this guy, whose job it is to know the very important thing that he didn't know when almost everyone else who had access to the Internet or a cable news show did know it?  You guess.  I have my suspicions. 

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