Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Sodom praises Gomorrah for pandering to Hell

MTV, the primary propaganda source for indoctrinating teens into the ideological cancer that is eating away at Western Civilization, bravely airs a show dedicated to understanding abortion.  More to the point, it spends a show couching some vague sense of moral something or other that more or less gives kids the green light to have sex, since you can always abort the baby.  Speaking of massacre of the innocents. 

Throughout the show and discussions of the show, the constant refrain of 'protected sex' is heard.  That is, as we all know, a lie.  There is no such thing as protected sex.  There is doing things to reduce the chances of getting pregnant or getting HIV or any one of a thousand other STDs.  But no way is sure.  Every way opens up the possibility that no matter how diligent, one can still get pregnant, AIDS, or anything else while having followed the 'Safe Sex' rule book to the letter.

On a grand, global scale that's still tens of thousands of lives ruined and ended every year by doing exactly what they are told.  But for a society that is quickly becoming the harlot of Revelation, those numbers are small potatoes.  As long as it's nobody we know and love, those victims of doing everything right are a price we are willing to pay, the collateral damage of a society spun out of control and drunk on its own hedonistic debauchery. 

For a chuckle and a cry, read this review of the show.  It has some harsh words for MTV's special, but not for the reasons one might hope.  Rather, it prefers a kinder, gentler approach to assuring women that indulging in our modern glorification of sexual excess need not be the nightmare some make it out to be, that whatever happens, in the end everything is just fine.  Just fine indeed.  No matter what we do or how we live, we should in the end be happy.  And ironically, because of that, in the end it's highly unlikely that any of us will.

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