Friday, December 10, 2010

Because Indonesia proves how tolerant the Muslim world is

It's been said the worst thing Hitler did was raise the bar on evil.  If you aren't building death camps and exterminating people by the millions, you're not really evil.  Likewise, it appears that 9/11 had the same effect on our perceptions of Islam.  If Muslims aren't hijacking jets and flying them into skyscrapers filled with thousands of innocent people, they must be moderates.  So I've heard time and again how the bulk of the Muslim world is just packed with moderates wanting to embrace our values.  Indonesia is frequently cited as a stellar example of enlightened Islamic civilization.  And yet this is not the first time stories of persecution, violence, and attacks against Christians have surfaced. 

To their credit, the authorities are trying to stop these attacks, or at least go after the perpetrators.  But note our willingness to shrug it off and say it doesn't mean anything about the nation as a whole.  Especially when set in juxtaposition to the global condemnation of America as a hotbed of Islamaphobic bigotry awash in hatred and zealotry.  Anyone remember the last bomb attack against a Mosque in the US?  Anyone remember the last mass killing of Muslims in the US?  Anyone?  My how merciless we are about judging America.  If only we gave ourselves a portion of the leeway we give everyone else in the world, our national pride would be off the scale.

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