Friday, August 31, 2018

What the world needs now

Is more cornstalk bundles

This is a neighbor, selling the stalks from their garden.  We've long given up on our garden, owing to the growing trees overhead.  As we head into the season of the year (September 1st through Easter and all the joys it brings), I can already feel the little burst of excitement, even though the dog days are still reminding us it's summer.
Amish cornstalks, similar to the ones I remember
I'm old enough to remember when some small, family farms would still have cornstalks out in their fields following harvest.  That was when we lived out in the country, as I've written about before.  I was about four years old.  We had our own garden with a pretty impressive pumpkin patch.  We grew quite a bit of corn, and Dad made sure we got the corn stalks out for decorations. We even had a bat that flew around some trees that separated the driveway from the garden.  Talk about classic harvest vibes.

Sigh.  Fall can't get here soon enough.  And by fall, I mean the day after Labor Day.  Then it's cider and apple pie and pumpkin donuts and getting ready for the fun.  Even if it is a staggering heat wave with temperatures in the 80s. 

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