Thursday, August 30, 2018

An athlete dares to not be liberal

And the sports media and Leftist rage organs explode.  In this case, the perpetrator is a wrong-thinking Red Soxer who posted a familiar meme about gun control, featuring everyone's favorite go-to bad guy - Hitler.

Of course the problem isn't that using Hitler in an argument is bad (see almost daily Leftist comparisons to Trump and Hitler), or that it's wrong for an athlete to say offensive things (see Kaepernick's celebrated appraisal of racist America and its racist cops).  The problem is he dares to defy the Marxist movement's attempt to eradicate liberties and freedoms, including the freedom to speak against the Left.

Good news?  He hasn't buckled and renounced his views. Keep it up!  Hit a homer for freedom.

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