Monday, August 13, 2018

Watch and see

In light of the United the Right rally falling on its behind and not leading to riots and death, let's see what the press does with this.  It hearkens back to the Zimmerman trial.  A white man guns down an unarmed black man during a dispute.  There is no reason it should have escalated, and the shooter invoked Stand Your Ground to get himself out of it.  The Sheriff, apparently, let the shooter go based on that defense.

This has all the makings of a Media Perfect Storm.  This is serious Ferguson stuff.  We're talking riots and demonstrations and protests.  History lessons about America's fundamentally racist nature.  The racism of all white Americans.  And as an added bonus, it could be used to attack the Stand Your Ground law that the media hope the Zimmerman case would be about when that story first broke.

The sad part is that a human being has been killed.  That should be a case for mourning and prayers for the loved ones left behind.  Naturally we should want justice done.  If the shooter charged in donning his Dirty Harry drag, then the punishment should fit the crime.  That's what we should want.

Will the press leave it at that, and report it as a case where justice should happen in this isolated case?  Or will we have riots and protests and cops killed and calls to overthrow the Washington Monument and all the hysterics and contention the press loves.

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