Friday, August 10, 2018

Left wing political pundit Stephen Colbert issues apology

Fair enough.  In one of its nightly advocacy pieces, Colbert labeled Never-Trumper Jonah Goldberg a "Trump Ally."   OK.  Anyone who knows the slightest bit about Goldberg knows Goldberg is no Trump ally.  He may not call for the annihilation of Trump and all his supporters.  But he is far from a Trump fan.  

That goes to show how much time and effort goes behind The Late Show's prep time.  Nonetheless, he was wrong and admitted it. But what jumped out at me was the actual apology:
“We here at The Late Show regret many things. And I want to extend a portion of that regret to Jonah Goldberg and Jonah Goldberg’s family, because to many Americans the label ‘Trump ally’ is a hurtful slur.”
Really?  Do people think this?  Is it true that Colbert thinks that 'Trump ally' is a hurtful label?  That somehow harm could be done to a family if a family member was labeled a Trump ally?  Is it me, or is this what I would expect from people in the 1950s who might have wrongly labeled a person a Communist?   Is Colbert happy that to many Americans, being labeled a Trump Ally is hurtful?  

I've said that the Left is trying to make being Conservative what being Communist was during the Red scare.  And if Colbert's apology has any truth to it, they're doing a bang up job.  


  1. Colbert is awful tv. He was funny for a few weeks doing the Report but that got old really quick

  2. I feel the whole 'comedians as pundits' development has taken discourse down a notch. In addition to the general shallowness, you have this idea of sustained lying - they insist they're just comedians when anyone with a brain knows better. Plus, while acting in the capacity as a comedian, they can merge humor (which doesn't have to be bound by facts if it's for a good laugh) and punditry (which should be based on facts), and then retreat behind 'we're just comedians'. I sometimes think too many other pundits and activists have taken their example.


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