Saturday, August 11, 2018

Yearning for violence and gulags in Soviet America

Do we really, really, really think that the sudden spate of stories about this 'tell all' book by Omarosa Manigault accusing Trump of racism on the eve of the one year anniversary of Charlottesville is a coincidence?  Do we really think this was just blind luck that the racially charged accusations by a black woman coming to light just as we're being primed for potential riots over racist tensions was just dumb luck?

No.  Only an idiot would think that.  The press - propaganda ministry for the emergent Left - wants divisions.  It wants there to be riots and violent clashes.  Americans, who are pawns in this grand chess game being played by opposing forces, will hopefully continue to divide against each other.  Doing things like this, making sure that racially charged stories emerge at just the moment we're supposedly worried about racially charged tensions, is one way the propaganda ministry does it.

A person is smart, people are dumb.  And releasing stories like this at this moment play off of that fact.  We'll get people mad.  They'll become enraged.  More divisions.  And if the press is lucky, higher ratings, too.

Meanwhile, in another glimpse of what Soviet America will look like, we're learning that Americans can be accused of any wrongdoing at any time in your life.  And in the Roy Moore era, we no longer need to sweat proof, due process or presumption of innocence.  Especially if it's based on skin color.

So an African American has come out and charged Sean Spicer of being A Racist (meaning 100% evil, unforgivable, and worthy of being destroyed).  Why? Because he says Sean Spicer used the N-Word ... in prep school!  According to the accusation.  Already  the stories are starting to pour in.  This is Soviet America remember.

I know.  You'd think this was a joke.  Some SNL skit.  Maybe a Twilight Zone episode.  A cautionary tale about what America could become if we continue down some strange, stupid path.  Except we're there.

I hope you've never done anything in your life.  Ever.  Including grammar school.  Especially if it's one of the latest unforgivable sins as dictated by the Emergent Left.  If that's not the kind of country we want, we had best do something about it before it's too late.  Or children and their children will thank us.

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