Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Mob rule and anarchy at the University of North Carolina

Modern racism embraced by our elites, and not a few Christians
The group identity politics of the Marxist/Leninist Left continues to bear fruit.  Not happy with the law, a group of students took it upon themselves to destroy a Confederate statue at the University of North Carolina.  It was not a statue dedicated to a particular racist slave owner.  It was dedicated to remembering the Nazi Confederate soldiers who fought and died in the Civil War.

This American Iconoclasm is one of the fruits of the post-modern Left.  The 'identity politics' that it promotes encourages such vigilantism.  It also discourages such outdated notions as forgiveness, mercy, reconciliation, humility or unity.  It assures an ever younger group of adherents that they are beyond reproach, the universe should cater to them, and that their judgement is infallible.  Therefore they judge, they destroy.

It's odd, but I can remember studying American history in school.  It was the 70s and 80s.  Two big themes were in historical studies in those days.  One them was that all of those other cultures were not only bad, no matter what they did.  The Persians, Huns, Mongols, Hittites, Assyrians - you name it.  They may have had their rough spots, but they were better than bad, and we should understand and celebrate their good side.

Parallel to that was a growing emphasis on the sins of the West.  Both Europe, Christianity and America were put under the microscope.   The victories and exclusive blessings of the West and America weren't ignored, but we were often reminded of the bad, the sins, the failings - how we were often no better than all of the other cultures and civilizations in the world.

One of the examples I remember?  In a lesson on the Revolution in high school, I remember a picture of Colonists pulling down a statue of King George.  The point of it?  That, alone with stories of tarring and feathering and other such acts, just showed that the Colonists could be bad, too.  They could engage in mob violence, property destruction and other forms of violence just like we see in other parts of the world.  We are no better because we were no better.  Funny that now that same type of violence is finding fruit in the same liberal movement that used such examples to show the sins of our past.

Of course we see that this mentality is hardly confined to old statues, since the same Left is engendering a whole new generation of vigilantes willing to take their ideals straight to people.  This is a fine example of an anti-radical-right progressive being assaulted and beat up because he dared to bring an American flag to the protest.  Antifa, like much of the emergent Left, hates America like the KKK hates blacks.

Destruction, violence, physical assault, bigotry, vigilantism, mob rule, witch hunts - such are the defining characteristics of millennial and Facebook generation leftism.  The press isn't running with the statue story yet, likely because most Americans oppose removing the statues in general, much less by breaking the law and destroying property because their righteousness declares it the right thing to do.  Likewise the press, by ignoring the multiple stories of Antifa violence and destruction, allows many good-hearted liberals the ability to deny there is such a thing as a radical Left. 

The good news is that most Americans are still sane and good and virtuous enough to despise such movements - whether on the right or left; those who hate blacks or those who hate whites.  The bad news is that people in very influential positions in our nation are for the racism, destruction, anti-Americanism and promises of lynch mob justice and anarchic violence, as long as it serves the needs of the Political Left.  We'll see who comes out ahead in the end.

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