Thursday, August 23, 2018

Robespierre is walked to the guillotine

So Asia Argento, one of the most vocal and visible women in the always vague #MeToo movement, is being accused of sexual assault and cover up.  Oops.   In her case, this could amount to actual criminal charges due to the age of the victim in question.

Now, it's important to remember that she is innocent until proven guilty.  We need evidence that she actually committed a crime or did anything wrong.  She has a right to be heard, and we should withhold judgement until due process has taken place.  You know, all of the things that the #MeToo movement has helped throw under the bus.

The #MeToo movement could have been many good things, but increasingly became none of them.  It became a tool for feminists to browbeat men, for Leftists to throw out a thousand years of English and American legal principles, and for those who would topple the country, a chance to set up a society where more and more Americans are scared to burp in public lest someone dig it up twenty years from now and use it against them.

Rather than jump forward and attempt to get a pound of flesh out of this, I propose taking the high road.  Allow Ms. Argento the same courtesy that the #MeToo movement so deftly discarded.  Allow her to be heard, to be assumed innocent, and wait for actual evidence before making any judgement calls.

Who knows, perhaps this will help get the #MeToo movement back on a track that can do some good, rather than be a chance for ramrodding agendas and advancing vendettas.

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