Monday, August 27, 2018

The important things

So the boys were all back before the coming school year.  They actually had Friday off, so my wife took a half day and we cooked up our seasonal 'harvest fest'.  We do that this early in order to gobble up all of the needed fried veggies, in addition to fried potatoes, corn on the cob, fresh cut green beans, and all the fixins.

My youngest, seeing the opportunity of all the boys actually in the same room together, seized the moment and asked for a game of Dark Tower, a blast from my past that I wrote about here and here.  Again, they adore the brutally random unfairness of it all.  Our second oldest won the day.

All is right with the world
The night was spent with more family time, games, and a chance for the brothers to hang out together.  The next morning was actually a rare event in which nobody had to wake up.  It's the first time in a long, long time.  Our successful Dark Tower besieger had to work a 1-9 shift, so once everyone up we fixed a nice breakfast of pancakes, sausage and bacon and fresh maple syrup.  Fun times.

That night he came home early, not feeling well.  That's unusual for him.  One thing about my boys - they all have excellent work ethics at their jobs.  When shopping at the store where my middle two boys work, I spoke to one of them as he walked by.  A minute later, one of the store managers came up to me.  He asked if they were my sons.  I told them they were.  He shook my hand and said they are wonderful assets to the store, hard working and a pleasure to have on board at the company.  That's the sort of thing that makes a father proud.

A teenager no more
In any event, the weekend continued apace.  Our birthday boy came home Saturday night under the weather, and several ended up missing church due to early onset illness.  It looks like we caught in time, so everyone was up and somewhat ready to go by early dinner time.  It was courtesy of our resident former-soon-to-be-chef (he's had to change his major owing to the appearance of a near fatal allergy to fish).  T-bone steak and all the sides.  He has this knack for grilling steak so that it is almost as tender as a slice of bologna.  And the sauce he makes to marinade is to die for.  It was more medium well than my taste for well done, but it was delicious nonetheless,

Yum, Part II
The extra rest helped, and by evening they were at least up to the usual gift giving and cake and ice cream.  Then more games with the family, taking advantage of the fact that on Monday everything changed.  Our third oldest started a full time job.  He will be doing what his brothers did, living at home for a year and accumulating the money to go through college.  For him it's an associates degree to begin training in the police force.  He will likely go to college for an undergrad degree down the road.
L -R: Our oldest, my Mom, our Third son, our Birthday Boy, and our youngest
The older two are going to college, and our youngest is now the lone homeschooled child.  Given that last year he actually asked me what 'reality television' meant, I assume the homeschool is working.  All said and done, a fine weekend.  At this stage in life, those family get together times are few and far between.  When they happen, I'm reminded how fortunate and blessed I am.  A good family.  Four boys who are hard working, trying to do well in life, going to church even when others in the family can't, good hearted and attempting to be good citizens in the world.  Not bad.

So happy birthday to our second oldest.  Blessings on him and all the boys, my mom and my long suffering wife.  All said and done, not much to complain to God about.  That's the sort of thing that makes life go around.

A birthday hug from my Father's Day gift - happy times


  1. Heh, your boys are a credit to the future and give some hope that there will be some sanity preserved in the crazy times. Heck, they make me wish I had had some younger brothers. Hopefully I would have been half as good an older brother as any of yours.

    And congrats on the dog! May he be a best friend for you and yours through the years.

    1. They have been great for their youngest. And the dog is supposedly mine, but I can't help but notice they boys seem to have adopted her as their own. Since they do take care of her and all, I'm willing to share. :)


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