Thursday, August 9, 2018

Dear Oscars

You are officially a joke.  You have been for a while now.  We know that Academy Awards have often been given due to issues beyond the quality of the performance in question.  Nonetheless, those were often seen as the exceptions to the rule that the Academy rewarded quality and performance.

That's been gone for years.  We know that the Oscars, where acting and actual movies are concerned, rewards message, it rewards demographics and identity, it rewards agendas.  And the actual Oscars broadcasts are mockeries; merely a venue in which  a bunch of wealthy business moguls and entertainers gather to mock half the country and everything that half holds dear.

And that's why the ratings are down.  Of course in post-modern America, we don't admit the obvious.  Therefore, the solution will never look like something that will solve the actual problem.  Creating a new category that will honor Black Panther (which seems to be the issue driving this - more on this later), will not help. 

The proper solution would be based on admitting the real problem.  Basically people don't like being mocked, preached to, and seeing awards given based on right thinking instead of actual quality.  So the proper solution is 1) start giving the awards based on quality, not identity politics or political agendas (hello Black Panther) and 2) stop having the awards ceremony be a three hour long screed against non-conformity and loser Americans who aren't hip to the liberal groove.

I'll bet that would turn things around, and not compromise what little is left of the Oscars' credibility.  But that's just me.

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