Wednesday, August 29, 2018

The single best thing about Archbishop Viganò's accusations?

Many of the same individuals who spent the last year throwing due process, presumption of innocence and burden of proof out the window are all of a sudden worried about the same.  I've not seen so many people appeal to the importance of due process, actual evidence and presumption of innocence for some time.  Nice to see those old fads making a comeback.

From Mark during the Roy Moore kerfuffle:

Mark now, during the Pope Francis kerfuffle

He's not alone of course.  Many who are now ringing the 'but evidence!' bell even a month or two ago were happy with 'accuse, then destroy'.  Ah, where is Roy Moore when we need him?

Bonus points for Mark adopting CNN's headline framing the questions surrounding Pope Francis as a 'coup.'  That would be right up with the always fair and balanced National Catholic Reporter not too subtly calling it a putsch. That term should invoke memories of the infamous Beer Hall Putsch, which was the Nazis' premature coup attempt.  In other words, accusers of Pope Francis?  Think Nazi.  If you're not liberal, you're Nazi.  It works for the secular Left, why not use it in the Catholic Left just the same?

Again, I have a sneaky feeling that we're going to be seeing the same scandal erupt in another 20 years or so, since the emphasis seems more and more on protecting ideologies and personalities than, you know, protecting the innocent.

UPDATE: award for dumbest statement in the scandal may deserve to be taken away from Cardinal Chaput.  It could now belong to this clever advocate of post-modern ignorance, who seems to suggest the whole scandal is not due to rampant homosexuality or compromise with modernist approaches to sexuality, but rather due to that 'prissy' old talk about how sex was between a man and woman in marriage and not to be flaunted (you know, modesty and all).  Freud would be proud.  Some day Catholics are going to have to learn that a puritanical approach to sex is not - repeat NOT - the biggest problem the Church has.

UPDATE II: The sin and evil continue, as Archbishop Viano is called a liar, accused of being in bed with the Koch brothers (my favorite), and it's all a vast right wing conspiracy.  With childish attempts to deflect from any potential damaging accusations against Pope Francis.  The madness and insanity is enough to make a sane person think there must be something there.  If one of the commenters is correct, kudos to the president of Ave Maria University for saying, in a nutshell, we don't give a damn what Pope Francis is accused of, he's our guy, how dare anyone say anything.  Remember a week ago when thousands of assault and rape victims mattered?  Yeah.  Seems like ancient history now.


  1. Pope Francis needs to resign. ASAP. Funny to see Shea change like the wind. In order to be a leftist needs change from moment to moment.

    1. I'm certainly willing to give him his day in court. But the current deflections and defenses and 'he's above the law' excuses are becoming an embarrassment of the ages for the Church, and the Faith in general. Right now I notice the MSM is backing off. Initially it was 'defend Pope Francis at all costs', then it was 'maybe he needs to go.' I think now they realize there is no harm they can do to the Church that Pope Francis and his defenders aren't doing in spades.


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